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Club Trip – 20.09.2015

East Lancs Railway

Due to the Chesterfield marathon being held on the same day it was a very early start for those of us on this day’s trip. However permission had been given to us from the Race Director and project manager for the event who had assured me that the roads around the area would not be closed off until 08.00 so we could park as normal outside the Town Hall so long as we were away by 07.30.

Well that was the plan – as most of us discovered the roads were being closed off from around 04.00 - so we just went round all the barriers to get to the Town Hall to park, although some of the party were unfortunate enough to have to follow diversions to get there.

However, everyone including the coach managed to get there in ample time; one intrepid couple had walked down from Hasland as they had been unable to get a taxi for the morning; which enabled us to get away by 07.20 and we headed off to the East Lancs Railway.

We arrived at the Bury Bolton Street station at 09.05 well in time for the first train at 09.30. There being no-one at the ticket office we were advised to go onto the platform and purchase our tickets from the on board travelling ticket collector. Most of us headed for the café to pick up a cuppa before boarding the train.

The ticket was duly purchased on board and due to the fact that it was day rovers for everyone the guard on board arranged for the museum and other facilities along the line to know that we had paid on a group ticket but would be traveling separately due to the office not being open to purchase individual tickets.  

This arrangement worked very well; with all being able to access museums, engine shed and other facilities as they wished with no problems –leastways none reported back to me of any problems.

True to LMS trip procedure everybody dispersed to travel as they wished.  I managed to get my first photo at Rawtenstall before the engine did the run round for the return journey to Heywoods Heath.

                                                                                                                            WD 75008 – SWIFTSURE at RAWTENSTALL

Whilst we were waiting at Rawtenstall station I also managed to get the following rare shot:-


                                                                                                      Memsec – minus beer – looking rather pensive

On arrival back at Bury Bolton Street Station the “crab” came in and quite a few of us took photos of her – she was beautifully turned out and was on the dining train.

                                                                                                                 13065 on dining train arriving at Bolton Street Station


I did my usual trick of taking lots of photos and forgetting where I took them; however although I don’t recall the exact location of the following photos they are in order up and down the line as I took them. I shall really have to get into the habit of jotting down photo numbers and locations as Pete used to do.

 I stopped at the Trackside for lunch and had a lovely bowl of soup with crusty bread and an excellent half of Biddenden Cider.  I then caught the 13:45 steam train, I remained on the steam train for the remainder of the day

                                                                                                                            Taken passed Bury South signal box

Little shunter all on its own - all say aaaaaah…..

   75008 blowing off steam

                                                                                                    50015 – Valiant - at Bolton Street Station

I daresay there are people out there with far better photos than mine but never mind.

I for one had a lovely day traveling up and down the line taking photos etc. and so far as I know of so did everyone else.

Departure from Bolton Street station was to be at 16.55 and everyone was on board in time, we came back over Snake Pass which made for a very scenic route back.

During the journey back the raffle was held and the following people were winners

Raffle: 1st Prize: - 154 – Alan Roberts

             2nd Prize – 130 – Ian Bagley

             3rd Prize: 106 – Mavis Bown

All proceeds from the raffle went into the LMS funds for next year’s trips.

The coach arrived back in Chesterfield for 19.00 hours as planned – felt really weird wishing people a Merry Xmas as they left the coach.


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