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Hi All

With reference to the upstairs layout the wiring is 99% complete and has been operating on DCC for some weeks.

However there will always be problems, for instance with points and point motors, especially the latter which seem to always need attention.

So I don’t think there will ever be a date when I can say it is working perfectly but it is working better then when I first arrived just over a year ago and I think has helped increase membership slightly.

We continue to maintain and improve where we can for instance we will start to fit working semaphore signals shortly and fit better point motors at critical junctions.

Unfortunately there are too few using the layout who know how to run it properly and as a team. We have tried training but attention wanders after in most cases, an hour.  It is not too difficult on DCC all sections are on but DC is a nightmare and in our view does have to be worked as a team and some have to learn that the layout is for all the members attending and that there are proper ways to operate.

Stuart Cusworth

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